The plan for the book

The plan for the book


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The name of the book is going to be "Resurrecting God" and here's a very rough plan for it:

Chapter one: Introduction

In which I tell the reader about Nietzsche and his arguments that god is dead.

Chapter two: God and death

In which I ponder on nihilism, existentialism, and absurdism.

Chapter two: God and information

In which I postulate that information is superior to matter

Chapter three: God and society

In which I declare that society shows god-like properties

Chapter five: God and science

In which I claim that there is still space for God but not where we've been looking for it.

Chapter six: Resurrecting God

In which I theorize informational time travel.

Chapter seven: God as Future

In which I postulate that we are on a quest to create God